How does Uni Work?

Uni combines the power of AI, plus the proven framework used by elite admissions counselors,
along with intuitive technology to make college admissions less stressful and more successful for YOU.

My Story

With Uni as your guide, you’ll fill out My Story - You’ll add your classes, test scores, activities, and any honors or awards you’ve received. This will help Uni better understand who you are, what your interests are, and what college paths might work for you.

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Niche Planner

After completing your My Story, Uni guides you through reviewing your story holistically. Are there any patterns, topics, or areas in which you have shown a specific interest?

The goal in this next step is to find your Niche - the topic, interest, or area that makes you unique and sets you apart from other applicants.

Not a senior? Fill out your My Story up to your current grade and Uni will help you plan and strategize the rest of your high school career to set you up for success when the time comes for you to apply.

Essay Manager

Ah, the dreaded college essays. What should you write about? Can you use the same essays multiple times? What should you write about???  Uni is here to help.

With our custom Essay Manager tool, all you need to do is select the colleges in which you’re interested. Uni will assemble all the required (and optional) essays for each school, along with important details like length requirements.

Many schools require 3-5 essays. That means applying to 10 colleges could require submitting 30-50 unique essays!

Don’t reuse essays; repurpose them! Each unique application and its associated essays should be specific to that particular college. With Uni’s Essay Manager, copying sections and ideas from your essays for one school to repurpose for another application is easy. No more starting from scratch for each college application!

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Application Dashboard

Competitive students are applying to more colleges each year. With varying application cycles, due dates, and requirements, it can be messy to try and keep all the important information straight.

Uni comes with a custom application dashboard that keeps all the critical information for each of your target colleges in one place, making it easy to stay on track.

You simply add your target colleges and Uni will automatically create your dashboard with all the specific requirements for that school, like:

  • Available application rounds (Early Decision, Early Action, Standard, Rolling, etc.)
  • Application due dates
  • Specific requirements like letters of recommendation, interviews, and more
  • Optional and supplemental materials

Who is Uni for?

Uni was designed for students who want to submit stronger college applications and their families.


You are in the tornado.  Track all of the requirements for every application, organize your high school career into a compelling unique story, write and manage dozens of essays with ease, and have Uni by your side 24/7 to get the job done.

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About Image

Freshmen - Juniors

You are worried.  You should be.  Acceptance rates are plummeting and the rich have private counselors telling them how to beat the system.  Start now with Uni to level the playing field.


You want the best for your child, but don’t know what you don’t know.  Universily offers a proven path to acceptance at the best schools.  You'll be able see everything your child needs to do at each step of the way.  You'll have visibility to help and guide them.  And best of all, Uni will always be right by your side always to answer questions and provide you with the same expertise as elite private counselors.

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Why should I use Uni?

These days, applying to college means dealing with historically high competition on top of an already complex and murky process!

Who wouldn’t want help?

The classic methods don’t cut it anymore

  1. High school counselors can only spend an average of 38 minutes per student. And not all of them are experts in college admissions - most counselors have responsibilities outside of college admissions support.
  2. Perfect test scores and GPA, a killer list of activities, and solid essays are no longer a guarantee of admittance to your dream school.
  3. Competitive students need an admissions strategy.

Why not hire a “traditional”

(human)  college counselor?

Uni brings the expertise of college admissions counselors to you


Using Uni puts you in the driver’s seat. Work on your schedule and get expert advice and guidance when you want it. No more waiting for a meeting or an email reply.

The best (human) college counselors can only take on so many students each year. If you're late to the game, you're out of luck. Anyone can sign up to use Uni.

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Uni uses the information added to your My Story to get to know you and provide advice and guidance that is specifically tailored to you! Chat with Uni to get personalized feedback on key decisions like which colleges might be a good fit and what essay topics will make your application stand out from the crowd!

Time-saving Technology

With Uni, you not only get a personal college counselor but also gain access to a suite of tools that make the application process easier and faster.

Every application you submit will ask for the same basic information: your classes taken, activities in which you were involved, your GPA and test scores, and any honors or awards you received. Rather than starting over and re-entering the same information over and over again for each application, you can add all that crucial information to your “My Story” where it is saved and automatically formatted, making it easy and fast to copy and paste into each unique application.

The Essay Manager tool contains the prompts and requirements for essays from the most popular colleges in the US. All the essays you’ll need to write for all your target schools are in the same place. Even better, the Essay Manager pulls in information from your My Story and Niches to make it easy to reference the other parts of your application and ultimately assemble one cohesive and compelling narrative.

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Power of AI

Where would you rather get advice? From a single college counselor? Or the best of the best from 10,000+ college counselors?

Rather than one person’s opinion, get proven advice and information based on tens of thousands of previously successful applications. 

Uni is free from negative human biases that often influence the college admissions experience. Uni won’t try to steer you towards specific schools to maintain a quota, or only suggest safety schools to pad acceptance rates. Uni simply wants to ensure you have all the best information possible to improve your chances of success.

If a top school is your goal, you need Uni.