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One-Time Payment $1392

*calculated over a full high school career

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Each student plan includes:

  1. Unlimited access to Uni, the AI college counselor
  2. My Story builder
  3. Niche planner
  4. Activity manager
  1. Honors tracking
  2. Testing manager
  3. College lists
  4. Team access - unlimited free accounts for family members

For Seniors Only:

  1. Prompt and specific essay brainstorming
  2. Essay outlining
  3. Essay review
  1. Application requirements
  2. Application tracker
  3. Application round manager

How is this different from my high school guidance counselor or another private college consultant?

On your own with a High School Guidance Counselor
Private College Consultant
$6000+ Per Year
$49 Per Month
Time & Scheduling
Average of 38 minutes per student total
~20 hours per year, must schedule meetings ahead of time
Unlimited access on your schedule
Many are not trained specifically on college admissions
Each has their own background and processes. They have expertise, but may have biases too
Trained on the framework used successfully by 10's of thousand of students
Organizational Tools
Mostly non-existent
Email, worksheets and spreadsheets
Platform build specifically to organize college applications
Process Tracking
On the student to check in and be on the top of schedule
Weekly or Monthly check-ins
Student tracker available 24/7 through application dashboard
Who do they work with?
Student primarily, may be one meeting with parents
Student parents involvement varies and is often restricted
Designed for students AND families! Unlimited free team accounts
What is their goal?
Maximize enrollment across entire high school class
Maximize acceptance rates across all the students they are working with
Help YOU get into YOUR dream school

High school counselors and private college consultants help thousands of students get into college every year.

Uni stands apart in two major ways:

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High school guidance counselors typically only check in with students once or twice per year! Even then, they are often overloaded and do not have the time (or sometimes expertise!) to provide adequate support for competitive students.

Private college consultants provide more support, but many are still stuck in the analog era. Working with a private consultant almost always means using old-fashioned worksheets, making spreadsheets, and scheduling meetings over email. These consultants have other students and aren’t able to always give the support you and your student require.

Uni contains all the expertise and knowledge of thousands of college counselors and is available to answer any question day or night, 24/7!

Uni truly works for you and only you!

High school guidance counselors are responsible for more than just helping you get into college. They work for the school. Their goal is to maximize the number of students in your class that get accepted to any college.

Private counselors do work for you, but their motivations may sometimes be misaligned with yours. Private counselors work with a select number of students and are incentivized to maximize the overall acceptance rate across all their students. Maybe you want to apply to Harvard but your private counselor is working with another student they think has a better shot... They very likely may encourage you not to apply so their acceptance rates look better!

Private college consultants also often make a point to “own” all the material you use with them. All your activity worksheets, college lists, and essay drafts are actually owned by the private consultant, not you!

With Uni, you own your work. All your activities, essays, and other materials are automatically saved to your Google Drive and will be owned by you forever!

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If a top school is your goal, you need Uni.