We hired a private counselor, but this is so much better. Uni actually offers useful, actionable advice...

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A real parent using Universily

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Let's talk about what this will be like for you, Mom and Dad.

Anxiety and Stress

  1. Am I doing enough for my child?
  2. What can I do to give them the support they need?
  1. Do they actually have a chance of getting into their dream school?
  2. Which private counselors will actually help?
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Become an unpaid personal secretary

Is my child on top of their deadlines? Are they following a schedule to make sure they get everything done in time?

Even if you use a private counselor, chances are you, not your student, are the one doing most of the communicating with the counselor, setting up meetings, handling emails with endless essays drafts going back and forth.

Worrying for your student... and yourself

Of course you want your student to have the best possible outcome; admission to their dream school! Have you done enough to help them? Can they do it on their own? What happens if they don’t get accepted to their first choice? What if they don’t get accepted anywhere?

On top of all that worrying for your student, there is also likely a voice in the back of your head saying “How am I going to do this? Am I going to survive this?”

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Does that sound like you? If so, Uni is here to help.

As parents ourselves, we understand the burden
a parent feels during this process.
We created Uni to be helpful for students AND their families.

Navigate college admissions as a team.

Uni, and the underlying technology was created with the understanding that students aren’t going through this process alone. They have a team.

Students can invite as many team members to join their account as they want. This can include you, their parents, aunts & uncles, high school counselors, and anyone else who might be involved (we know it takes a village).

As a member of your student’s team you have full access and visibility into what they are working on. You can see the colleges they’ve identified, the content of the applications they are working on, their unique Niche, and any essays.

Unlike traditional counselors who typically put an emphasis on working ONLY with the student, we know this involves you too.

You can help your student edit their work, provide comments and feedback directly, or simply observe and keep an eye on your student’s process.

Uni is for you too!

As a member of your student’s team you also have full access to Uni. You can ask Uni any questions you have about the admissions process, about how your student is doing, or what you can be doing to support your student.

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Embark on a less stressful college admissions journey with your student.