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About Universily

Finally there’s an alternative to expensive private college counselors. Universily’s Virtual Private Counselor, Uni, guides you through your own personalized college admissions program, offering guidance on everything from activities and niches to college selection and essays. Universily takes the stress and expense out of college application experience so you can focus on telling colleges your story.

Universily is run by a global team headquartered in the cloud. We are dedicated to helping students achieve the best possible outcome in their college application journey.

Our Team

We are industry veterans with decades of experience building and selling the world’s most powerful applications. More importantly, we are all parents whose own children made it successfully through the college admissions gauntlet. Our founding team has a unique combination of expertise in delivering world class software solutions, expertise in college admissions and counseling, and passion for helping other students and families.

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If a top school is your goal, you need Uni.