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The University of California (UC) system is a public research university system in the state of California, consisting of nine undergraduate campuses located throughout the state. Founded in 1868, the UC system has a long history of providing top-quality education to students from all over the world. In this guide, we’ll provide an overview of what UC schools are, list all nine of the campuses in the UC system, discuss their history, and provide an overview of the application process.

What are UC Schools?

UC schools are a group of public research universities that make up the University of California system. The UC system was founded in 1868, and today, it is one of the largest and most prestigious university systems in the world. The UC system is known for its commitment to academic excellence, research, and public service.

List of UC Schools:

Here are the nine undergraduate campuses in the University of California system, listed in alphabetical order:

UC Berkeley

UC Davis

UC Irvine

UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)

UC Merced

UC Riverside

UC San Diego

UC Santa Barbara

UC Santa Cruz

History of UC Schools:

The University of California system was founded in 1868 with the signing of the Organic Act by Governor Henry H. Haight. The first campus in the UC system was UC Berkeley, which opened its doors in 1873. Over the years, the UC system grew to include additional campuses, and today, it is the largest public university system in the world. The UC system has a long history of innovation and achievement, with many of its faculty and alumni winning Nobel Prizes and other prestigious awards.

Application Process:

If you’re interested in applying to a UC school, you’ll need to follow a specific application process. First, you’ll need to complete an application through the UC system’s online portal, which is called the UC Application. The application typically opens in August and the deadline to submit is in November. You’ll also need to submit official transcripts from any high schools, colleges, or universities you’ve attended, as well as test scores from either the ACT or SAT exams. In addition, you’ll need to provide letters of recommendation and write essays as part of your application. Each UC campus has its own specific application requirements, so be sure to check each campus’s website for additional information.

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The University of California system is a group of prestigious public research universities that are known for their commitment to academic excellence, research, and public service. With nine undergraduate campuses located throughout the state of California, there are many opportunities for students to receive a top-quality education in a variety of fields. If you’re interested in attending a UC school, be sure to start the application process early and carefully review the application requirements for each campus. To begin the application process, visit the UC application webpage found here:

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