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A few years ago when my daughter was going through the college application process,  I was pretty sure we’d both lose our patience or minds before we were done. This exciting chapter in her life became a frustrating and overwhelming endeavor due to numerous applications with different dates, deadlines, and requirements. It couldn’t be that hard, right? Right?! We soon learned how complicated the process is without experience or help in your corner.

If you’re wealthy, you may be able to hire a private counselor. But what about everyone else? It was clear to me that all families deserve access to good guidance.

As a software executive with three decades of experience in the technology industry, I did the rational thing and looked for some kind of software that  would help us navigate the complexities of multiple college applications. After much searching, I was stunned to discover there was nothing. Sure, there are lots of little point solutions that help with a piece here and a piece there, but nothing comprehensive that tackled the whole college admission’s process from start to end.

That’s how Universily was born. We are a comprehensive college application platform that tracks application requirements, deadlines, workflow – and we offer guidance on what to do next and how to do it. We’re here to help you make the best decisions for your future.

Way back when I applied to college (I won’t admit just how far back that was), universities were looking for well-rounded students. Now they’re looking for “pointy” students. What does that mean? Students with a particular passion or niche. We help aspiring college students discover that superpower while arming them with the tools they need to navigate the college application process. I didn’t have Universily to turn to when my daughter was applying to colleges, but I hope we can now be there for you during this exciting chapter of your life.

Melané Ali, Founder of Universily

If a top school is your goal, you need Uni.